Chrysler PT Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by Robert Hill based on postings to the PT Cruizer Forums. We suggest you also visit the repairs, performance, and accessories pages, as well as the technical forum.

What was new in 2006?

See our coverage here. The GT Cruiser's last year was 2007 and the PT itself is rumored to be ending after the 2009 or 2010 model year. It’s made on the same assembly line as the new Dodge Journey.

What PT stands for

Officially, PT stands for Personal Transportation. If you believe that, we have a merger of equals to sell you.

One site (we don’t know which) had PT as Platform Tall, compared to PL (Neon), Platform Low.

Bob Sheaves, a former Chrysler engineer, wrote, “‘PT’ informally meant ‘Plymouth Truck’ during the early stages of development, but the ‘PT’ body code did not mean anything. Neither did AW, AB, AA, LH, AP, PL, etc.” (Though we have to wonder about the BR Dakota - was that really Baby Ram or was the acronym created after the body code?)

Hiding Extra Key by Samba

I'm keeping the third key in one of those magnetized boxes but you must keep it in a place that is hard to find, but not too hard. Also, there's a chance a hard bump could knock the key box off. I found a great place. At the left or right corner of the car, behind the bumper, is a kind of boxlike assembly where it appears some of the frame beams come together. The storage box fits nicely up there, although you can't see it and the only way to get at the box is to lay on the ground and fish around for it. It's dirty and unpleasant, which should make me mindful to not get locked out.

Painted Bumpers by SUZQ

Usually a polyurethane paint is used with a flex agent being mixed in. An etching solution is used on the bumpers prior to painting them to make the paint adhere better. I had this done to one of my trucks (new fender flares and front spoiler), and our Company truck had a new front bumper put on and painted after being in a collision, and we never had a problem with chipping or flaking off. I live up near Chicago,IL. and we get some pretty cold wheather and fluctuations up here. A good body shop can paint it just as well (if not better) than the factory.

Underseat Bin by Van

Purchased Contico® Handi Bin UPC code20027068050. Obviously remove the metal handle. I also cut off the top flange on one of the short sides of the basket. This allows the basket/drawer to slide back an additional 1/2" or so allowing for the front to be flush with the existing seat structure. I now wanted to create a finished front for the drawer. I used 1/4" underlayment, which I had laying around, but any thing around 1/4" thick should work. I cut 2 pieces,1) 13" x 5-3"4 2) 7" x 1-1/4" the larger piece being the front and the smaller piece used as a backing on the inside for the screws. (Also see this link).

Cheap Chrome Badges by Samba

Beware! The chromed badges that say "PT Criuser" and "Limited Edition" and probably "Touring Edition" are made of some sort of rubbery plastic and the chrome peels off easily. I took my Patriot Blue Limited to the dealer for servicing and they waxed and buffed the car. However, I noticed a bit of the chrome on the "T" in "Limited" is now starting to peel off! I carefully pressed this badge, as well as the side "PT Cruiser" badges with my fingernail. They're just cheap flexible plastic and I wonder how long until the start peeling off by themselves! I'd advise anyone to be very, very careful about rubbing or buffing these badges.

Hiding Front License Plate by Rob

Glad you asked, Scott. Not having my PT yet, I can only give you a rough idea what I did for a friend who didn`t want his front license plate marring the good looks of his rod. I fashioned a license plate frame with hinges to allow him to bolt the license plate under the front end. Yes, you had to stand back about 20 feet to see it and yes it hit speed bumps, but the hinges allowed free movement so the license plate (pretected with plexiglass) showed very little wear after years of use. The frame was plastic and it didn`t make any noise as it passed over speed bumps, etc. He even took it through car washes. All you need are some 2 inch hinges (2) that you screw to the top of the plate/frame and then fasten it to the underside of the car anyway you can. You can even use coathanger wire if you want to. So, the cop comes toward you and sees the plate. All is cool, and when you get out of the car, you don`t see the plate unless you stand x number of feet in front of the car. This is the best way I know to "hide" the plate and still keep law enforcement happy.

To Release Rear Headrests by NuKruzin

First release the backseats and move them forward. The headrests can not be removed with the seats in the upright position. There are two adjustment buttons at the base of the headrests and on either side. Press in on both buttons to release, then lift the headrests up and out of the slots.

Lights by Dean

The dimmer switch on the headlight stalk dims the gauges, odometer, center console and radio to a very dim level if you want. Almost invisible on the lowest setting. When you turn the dimmer all the way up, there are two detents. The first is for driving in the daylight with the lights on. I drive with the fog lights on for better visibility, and because it looks cool. The odometer and radio are at full bright in this mode. The glow lights in the mirror adjust switch and the door lock buttons don't dim. The last click turns on both reading lights in the overhead console and the overhead light between the seats. The compass and thermometer in the overhead console don't go to high intensity and are almost unreadable in daylight with the headlights on. When you unlock the doors on the limited edition, (I don't know about the F and D) the interior lights come on. When you put the key in the ignition and turn it on they go out. If you don't turn on the ignition, after about 30 seconds the lights slowly dim out. Neat effect! The dashboard lights do reflect in the side window, but it's up high and only a small portion of the gauges and console. If you dim the lights a little they are almost invisible. On the high setting they are still not very noticeable. One click up to daylight mode and the odometer and radio are very noticible, but you wouldn't drive that way at night, because forget the side window, they are too bright!

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